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Easily Create diagrams and schematic of physical, chemical, electronics and mathematics.

Teacher Support Software, education software for schools, students, teachers and parents.

Science Teacher Helper enables students, teachers and business professionals to reliably create and publish kinds of diagrams to represent any ideas. Science Teacher Helper provides you a versatile, easy, quick and professional solution to let you enjoy your working.

Science Teacher Helper is an add-on for Microsoft Word, it was designed with a single purpose in mind - to save you time when editing math Graphs, chemistry experiments and physics experiments and electronic circuit in your word documents. You can easily add 765 functions, graphs and charts of physical, chemical and math into your MS WORD document.

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See Science Teacher Helper's resources, they are vector graphs (765 resources), please select the relevant categories:
Science Teacher Helper

- Chemistry - Case and Canal : : Measure : : Other

Science Teacher Helper

- Electronic - Basic : : Communication Apparatus: : Electron : : Logic gate and Switch : : Switch and Relay

  : : Switch and Connects : : Transformer and Coil
Science Teacher Helper - Math - Algebra : : Geometry
Science Teacher Helper - Physics - Basic : : Calorific : : Electricity : : Experiment : : Mechanics : : Optics

Why is Science Teacher Helper?

You time is valuable. So why waste it on the slow and tedious process of clicking to insert symbols one by one, like beads on a string?

Switch to Science Teacher Helper and you'll be able to enter and edit schematic, diagram , functions, graphs and charts of physical, chemical and math much faster than you could with traditional equation editors. The 60-times trial version is free - why not give it a try?


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Additional Information

Science Teacher Helper requires Windows 98/Me/2000 / XP/2003/Vista/Win7 and is best used with Microsoft Word 97 or later.

You can download a free, fully-functional 60-times trial version of Science Teacher Helper to see if Science Teacher Helper is the right product for you.

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